Plumbing Checklist For Timely Maintenance

Plumbing issues are often not addressed unless they become glaring problems that need an immediate solution. That way they get taken care of which becomes a requirement for any home to have its water and sewage systems running smoothly. However, if you wish to prevent costly and emergency repair costs, here are some points to remember. There are certain telltale signs that indicate that plumbing repairs are imminent. Certain fixes can be done by homeowners by themselves while others need professional help.

Leak checks

This might be a minor issue when only drops of water seem to continue to fall from a faucet tap after it is closed, but with time it can become a larger issue. It also leads to substantial wastage of water if not addressed on time. Joints and pipes that are visible need to be checked for corrosion signs. The bluish-green deposits that occur on copper or brass, as well as rust that forms on steel and iron pipes and fixtures, are signs of carrion. There might be no problem that you face with such fixtures, but eventually, these fixtures will start to leak. You need to keep an eye open for such leakages and call in for plumbing assistance as and when such signs appear.

Clogged drains

Drains need to drain out the water and other fluids quickly and without making a gurgling sound. In case you find such signs, it could mean that a clog has formed and it could get bigger over a period of time. A solution of baking soda and vinegar will help to clear up drains and keep them free-flowing. In case you find water drainage slow and accumulation of water at the drain mouth for quite some time, it might be a good idea to call in for plumbing assistance. In order to keep drains free-flowing, it would be a good idea to flush them from time to time with hot water.

Drain mouths and faucet or showerheads

These are other fixtures that often get clogged with mineral deposits and other debris over time. Many fixtures have heads that can be easily unscrewed and cleaned; you can also ensure that drain mouths are scrubbed and kept clean to prevent the accumulation of mold. These are some simple but effective ways to keep your plumbing fixtures and openings clean and functional.


This is one area where you might not be able to do much yourself. In certain cases the use of a drain pump or similar tools can keep the flushing action working well; in other cases, it becomes a necessity to call in a plumber when the flushing action seems to malfunction.

In case any of the above problems get out of hand, call a professional plumbing service. They will ensure that repairs and fixes are done in time and in a professional manner.

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